How is the climate system monitored in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the entire climate system is measured on the basis of more than 18 different parameters. There are several national partner organisations are involved in the collection of high-quality observation data. The following are the key agencies responsible for monitoring different environmental parameters

  • Bangaldesh Meteorological Department (BMD): Weather related parameters
  • Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB): Weather, Surface and Groundwater Hydrology
  • Department of environment (DoE): Environmental Quality and related parameteres
  • Bangaldesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC): Agricutlrue and water uses
  • and many other public and national agencies

Monitoring of the climate system has a long tradition in Bangladesh. One of the longest-standing observation series stretches back to the early mid 19th century.

Today in Bangladesh there are more than 20 parameters that are systematically monitored so as to characterise the country’s climate. These observations are all part of the Bangladesh Climate Monitoring System, in which not only the atmosphere is monitored, but most elements of the climate system.