National Adaptation Reports

This section provides all the document produced under the NAP formulation project. It contains the key NAP document and relevent working Papers.

Main Report: National Adaptation Plan of Bangladesh

The NAP primarily encompasses eight distinct sectors: water resources; disaster, social safety, and security; agriculture; fisheries, aquaculture, and livestock; urban areas; ecosystem, wetlands, and biodiversity; policy and institution; and capacity development, research, and innovations. The key risks and vulnerabilities of climate change in these sectors will pose disproportionate and severe impacts on resources, infrastructures, livelihoods, and ecosystems. With an underlying objective of reducing these risks and vulnerabilities to climate change impacts, NAP will advance through fulfilling 6 (six) goals, 23 strategies, and 28 outcomes encompassing broad aspects of safeguarding against climate-induced disasters. It also reinforces agriculture and other socio-economic sectors through increasing resiliency by building robust urban infrastructures, instilling integration through governance, transformative capacity building, and innovation.


  NAP Volume II Main Report

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Working Reports of NAP