Climate Change Finance Tracking Method

The Climate Scenarios in IPCC AR6 Projections show our climate could change up to the middle of this century and beyond. “Dry summers”, “Heavy precipitation”, “More hot days”, and “Increase natural disaster” are some of the expected consequences of unchecked climate change for Bangaldesh. The Climate Scenarios combine simulations that use the latest climate models with observations of the trends thus far, providing the most accurate picture to date of our country’s future climate.

Dry Summer

Rainfed agriculture actvities will be hampered, as the soil is drier. Evaporation is increasing, and it is raining less often.

  • +1.1 °C to + 3.9 °C summer temperature
  • -25% to +10% summer precipitation
  • +0 to +9 days longest dry period in smmer
More hot days

Dhaka and other cities are suffering due to urban heatisland effect, as heatwaves and hot days and nights have become more extreme.

  • 330 to 365 >25 °c night temp
  • +1 °c to + 8.5°C hottest day of the year
Extremen precipitation

Sylhet and CHT region will suffer significantly for flash flood and land slinde respectively, as extreme precipitation has become markedly more frequent and intense.

  • Rainy season- upto +246 mm more rainfall
  • Summer season -5 to -10 mm rainfall
More natural disaster

Cyclone induced storm surges, extreme rainfall and extreme drought will be frequent more often

  • 0.54 to 0.86 mm sea level rise
  • more cyclone
  • more natural disaster